Adult and Family Learning

Learn more about adult and family learning and festivals.

Adult and family learning

Adult and family learning


Heritage, Arts and Crafts Festivals
Festivals of Heritage, Arts and Crafts offer the opportunity to learn more about sites in our care, learn about history, and try your hand at a diverse range of arts and crafts activities.  Previous events have included living history, music lessons,  stone carving, printmaking, leather stamping, felting, art workshops, guided tours, spinning and weaving, storytelling, lectures, green woodworking,  jewellery making,  creative writing and photography walks.

If you are interested in taking part in future events - whether as a provider of an activity or a learner - please contact us via email

Adult LearningHistory lectures in south Wales are delivered in partnership with Celtic Learner's Network.  Information about the venues and lectures can be found on the Celtic Learners Network website: or on our events pages.

For further information about  other adult learning opportunities, please contact us via email

Family LearningFamily learning events are held at several Cadw sites throughout the year. For further information about courses available in your area, please contact us via email