Adult and Family Learning

Learn more about adult and family learning.

Festival of British Archaeology: Heritage Arts and Crafts

Festival of British Archaeology: Heritage Arts and Crafts

Adult Learning

History lectures in south Wales are delivered in partnership with Celtic Learner's Network.
Information about the venues and lectures can be found on the Celtic Learners Network website: or on our events pages.

CPD Sessions for Teachers

Castell Coch, 4.30 – 6.00pm, 18th March 2015
A free CPD session for Key Stage 2 teachers – delivering literacy, numeracy and history through visits to castles.
CPD session to support teachers in their delivery of the National Curriculum for Wales.   Castell Coch offers education activities supporting teaching of Age of the Princes and Change in the 19th Century history topics, and teaching literacy using the stimulus of the Aesop’s Fables illustrated on the Drawing Room walls. Come and take a tour of the castle with Lady Bute, and investigate some Aesop’s Fables.
New, FREE education resources are also available to support teaching STEM and literacy through castle visits, as well as resources linked to Castell Coch’s education activities.
These sessions must be booked in advance as places are limited. If you are interested in attending, please email
More coming soon!

Family Learning

Family learning events are held at several Cadw sites throughout the year. Further information about learning events in your area is on our events pages.
And you’ll find all you need in our Kids section to kick-start your time travel adventure, from events and videos to puzzles, games and colouring sheets. Just click here to find out more.

Work Experience Placements

Cadw is the historic environment service of the Welsh Government. We offer work placement opportunities for a range of schemes through from unpaid work experience for school age young people (age 14 – 18) through to 50-week paid sandwich course placements for under-graduates. Placement schemes aimed at students 18 years or older are usually advertised throughout Wales with applications accepted through an organised process to ensure fairness of opportunity for all. Details of placement schemes available can be found on the Welsh Government website along with how to apply. Find out more

Community Archaeology

Community archaeology is archaeology initiated and driven by communities.
Participation in archaeology allows communities to work together, learn together and grow together through the excitement of discovering something new about their shared past. By developing community participation in archaeology, we can not only help foster this sense of belonging, but also create opportunities for people to learn new skills which can be useful in all walks of life. More information

Timebanking Scheme

Timebanking UK and Cadw have been working together to increase the accessibility of local and national monuments across Wales. The aim of the scheme is, in addition to benefiting communities across Wales, is to help individuals gain confidence, skills and experience, which may in turn help them into work. Participants receive one time credit in exchange for an hour’s voluntary work in their local communities and two credits entitle the holder to free entry into any Cadw site. More information