Health & Safety

Please proceed with care as ancient monuments can be dangerous.
Children must be supervised at all times.
Appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear is strongly recommended.

There are safety warning signs at many of our sites. General warning signs are at the entrance and in many cases will be reinforced by smaller 'pictogram' repeater signs identifying specific hazards at individual monuments. Some or all of the following warning signs may be found situated around the sites.

From left to right, the pictograms indicate:

• Uneven, steep or narrow stairs
• Low headroom
• Please let your eyes adjust to the darkness
• Uneven or slippery surfaces.
• Unprotected drops

Leaflets providing guidance (particularly on safety) for organisers of school/group visits are available for our most popular sites. These are available from Cadw or to download from the website. Go to the page for the site you wish to visit in Days Out. Click on the button to find the leaflet listed.